19 h 8405

019 2AM TESS 8405 (PS)

Here is a polled Houston daughter this time. Genetically backed with industry greats and phenotypically attractive. You will appreciate this heifer for her width from hip to pin, and natural capacity while still being beautifully refined and balanced. Tess boasts heavy bone structure for a polled female and also has a clean tidy underline to

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23 h 8512

023 2AM TESS 8512 (PS)

Here’s the second NCC Perry daughter we offer. Another strongly appealing female with a great outlook. She’s well balanced and thickset through her carcass and hindquarter for a young heifer. Another fantastic opportunity to obtain an NCC Perry daughter early. Dam: 6 Calves incl 5 natural @ 355 DCI + PTIC, Granddam: 9 Calves @

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47 8013 bull

047 2AM DE NIRO 8013 (H)

Put your catalogue aside and appreciate the power, volume, pedigree and performance in this young stud sire of the future. He has replicated the strong appealing trait of that eye catching sirey head that descends from Delaware. Impressive masculinity with kilos to burn in this young active 2AM sire. Dam: 5 Calves @ 370 DCI

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