Beefy Brahmans

The name Lancefield is well known throughout the Australian Beef Industry as a producer of top quality Brahman cattle.


The stud was established in the 1960's by Jeff and Ann McCamley and now comprises registered red and grey brahman breeders in addition to commercial brahman females, spread over Central Queensland properties owned by the various family members.

Careful selection of sires has always been a top priority since the foundation of the stud. They have been selected for weight gain performance, structure, muscle, bone, carcass confirmation, temperament and fertility.

We feel a predictable breeding program starts with quality females. The Lancefield stud females comprise both red and grey females, poll and horned, and are selected for their functional qualities, femininity and fertility. We carefully select our very top females in Embryo transfer Programs to produce our top bloodlines and also use new imported brahman genetics through AI, ET and IVF.


Lancefield continues to source new genetic material to keep in the forefront of the Brahman Industry. Lancefield has been importing cattle since the 1980's and has imported 28 bulls and 11 females to date.

Lancefield's successes in the show ring have been phenomenal. The run of breed and interbreed championships has established the stud as one of Australia's best. One of the most significant highlights being winning the Junior, Senior and Grand Champion at the 1983 World Brahman Congress. In the commercial field Lancefield has won many Championships with their fat cattle and in carcass competitions.

With the passing of Jeff McCamley in 2002, Ann and her 4 sons Andrew Scott David and Matthew continue to breed quality brahmans. The Lancefield Brahmans Stud’s future lies in the capable hands of Scott and Matthew and their families.

Love of brahman cattle and confidence in our livestock, Lancefield will continue on for generations to come

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